Can Demonstration Projects Benefit German Business Activities in China?

Participants of the 4th Meeting of German Local Business Advisory Council

Demonstration projects play a crucial role in the Chinese energy market, was the consent of the energy industry representatives that came together for the 4th German Local Business Advisory Council in Shanghai.

Twice a year, representatives of German businesses are invited to join the Sino-German EP and partners from the German Embassy and Consulate General to discuss challenges on the Chinese market and find solutions that facilitate business activity in the sector.

The key topic this time: How to have effective demonstration projects that show the benefits (e.g. lower O&M costs and operability under local conditions) of system solutions and machinery “Made in Germany”?  To answer the question, European and German organisations as well as companies presented their experiences, discussed obstacles and worked jointly on solutions.

The EP has a toolbox full of instruments to support German companies through industry events and study tours, G2B roundtables, information workshops and by bringing regulatory issues onto the political agenda in high level bilateral meetings. Based on the participant’s input, existing instruments are reviewed, and new activities are developed.

The feedback of the company representatives speaks a clear language, prospects of success of demonstration projects are high and support is needed.

In 2020 the EP enters the second phase of the demonstration project on energy efficiency in energy-intensive industries and is looking forward to starting new impactful co-operations with the German industry.

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