Flexibilizing Coal-Fired Power Plants

What are the German experiences with the flexibilization of coal-fired power plants? Which technical measures and operational strategies increase the flexibility of such plants? These were central questions of the expert workshop “Technical Solutions for the Flexibilization of Coal-fired Power Plants – Experience from Germany”, held on 06 June 2017 in Bejing.

Group of Participants of the workshop in front of building
The Participants of the expert workshop on the flexibilization of coal-fired power plants.

Chinese decision-makers and industry representatives were introduced to a broad range of German problem-solving strategies and first hand expriences at this 1-day workshop organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz) and the Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI).

Together with key representatives from German companies the Chinese participants discussed how the German approaches, solutions and technologies can be transferred to the specific challenges China is facing with its coal-fired power plants.

Besides the exchange of know-how the workshop also provided the participants from Chinese and German companies with unique networking opportunities.