Pathway towards Climate Neutral Districts

GIZ launchestraining series on Climate Neutral Industry Parks and Integrated Energy Concepts

On 14 September 2022, the first of six training series on “Climate Neutral Industry Parks and Integrated Energy Concepts” took place in Jintan, Jiangsu Province. As part of the Sino-German Demonstration Project on Energy Efficiency in Cities, the training series aims for enhancing the capacities of local stakeholders, such as government representatives, energy system operators, and private sector, regarding district energy planning, integrated energy and resource management as well as energy efficiency and energy conservation in buildings.

The Sino-German Demonstration Project on Energy Efficiency in Cities supports Jintan Economic Development Zone (Jintan EDZ) to improve its local energy supply structure and increase energy efficiency in industry, transport and residential sectors. By sharing best practices, and international experiences, the project partners support the development and implementation of an integrated energy concept in Jintan EDZ. Later, the experiences gained in Jintan EDZ shall help further Chinese cities and industry parks to develop and implement their own integrated energy and decarbonization plans.

The training series on Climate Neutral Industry Parks and Integrated Energy Concepts, co-organized by GIZ, dena and CECEP Consulting Co., Ltd. will help to strengthen the competencies and capacities of local stakeholders and national multiplicators, such as design institutes and research organizations, regarding integrated energy planning and management and energy-efficient buildings.

The first training session served as an introduction to developing carbon neutral industry parks and districts, and included presentations on carbon footprints; integrated energy planning at the example of Jintan EDZ and the German Brainergy industry park; energy efficient buildings; and the growing relevance of green finance in China.

Download the training materials:

Module 1 (14 September): 
Module 2 (21 September): Energy efficient buildings - Planning & construction
Module 3 (22 September): Energy-efficient buildings - Operational management
Module 4 (24 October): Energy concept I
Module 5 (25 October): Energy concept II
The following training sessions will be:
  • Module 6 (16 November): Best Practice (GER & CN) - Innovative technical solutions

GIZ implements the demonstration project on energy efficiency in cities jointly with the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP Consulting), and the German Energy Agency (dena). The demonstration project is part of the Sino-German Energy Partnership between the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and the National Development and Reform Commission of the PR China (NDRC). For more information, please contact Mr. Maximillian Ryssel (maximilian.ryssel(at)