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With the bi-monthly Energy in China newsletter, we aim to update news on China’s latest regulatory, technological and industrial development in the energy sector and provide an overview on the country's energy transition policies and progress.

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Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 72 | April 2024

  • Keywords: Regulations on carbon emissions trading management, distribution grids, decentralised wind energy, energy efficiency in building, green power trading

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 71 | February 2024

  • Keywords: 2023 enegy statistics, 2024 energy development, rising solar capacity, formal operation of spot market, V2G policy


Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 70 | Christmas Special Edition 2023

  • Keywords: Energy efficiency in industrial parks, wind industry development, green methanol

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 69 | November 2023

  • Keywords: Energy law supporting energy transition in China and Germany, cooperation of energy transition think tanks deepened, hydrogen infrustructure, product energy efficiency, China calls for 100 decarbonization pilot cities and industrial parks, Coal power capacity pricing system, Spot market development

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 68 | September 2023

  • Keywords: 2023 Suzhou International Forum on Energy Transition (IFET), new Green Electricity Certificate framework, updated national hydrogen standard system

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 67 | July 2023

  • Keywords: Germany and China deepening cooperation on climate, energy statistics of 1. half year of 2023, China's non-fossil fuel power capacity exceeds 50%, green hydrogen to methanol developement in China

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 66 | May 2023

  • Keywords: 2023 major energy targets, standard system for carbon neutrality, solar overtakes hydro, progress on hydrogen...

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 65 | March 2023

  • Keywords: 2022 energy statistics, 2023 energy tasks, energy standard developement, coal output and imports...

Energy in China Newsletter - Issue no. 64 | January 2023

  • Keywords: 3 steps towards China's energy transition, PV integration, energy efficiency standard, sport market law, energy cooperation China and Saudi Arabia
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