Women in Green Energy Initiative

Foster equality, empower women, accelerate the energy transition

Launched in December 2020 under the framework of the Sino-German Energy Partnership, the Women in Green Energy Initiative is dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering women in China's energy transition. By collaborating with partners, the Initiative facilitates connections, knowledge exchange, and skill development for female professionals in China's energy sector. Through networking events, expert workshops, and capacity building activities, we're driving positive change and creating equal opportunities for women to succeed in speeding up energy transition.

“Women in Green Energy” Initiative launched in December 2020


To achieve a just transition in the energy system, we must prioritize the interests of all groups and ensure that no one is left behind. Diversity and women's participation are key to advancing energy transition. A growing number of research show that diversity in staff and leadership positions fosters innovation, problem-solving, and prudent decision-making. By 2050, IRENA forecasts more than 40 million renewables jobs globally, about four times more than today. This offers significant opportunities for women's involvement in the transition. With half the world's population, their full participation is vital for an energy transition grounded in extensive talent, knowledge, and skills.

However, today’s global energy sector is still predominantly male-driven. IRENA's study reaffirms this, showing that despite being 48% of the global labor force, women hold only 22% of roles in traditional energy like oil and gas, and 32% in renewables. Even in renewables, women’s presence is lower in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) roles (28%) compared to administrative roles (45%). Hence, attracting, retaining, and investing in the finest talents, regardless of gender, is key to ensure a successful and speedy energy transition.

Our goal

The initiative strives to create dynamic exchange platforms, linking and empowering female professionals in China's energy sector. It will promote the sharing of knowledge, encourage women to discover their full potential, and enhance their skills. In turn, this empowerment will amplify women's impact and contribution in driving energy transitions and climate protection efforts.

Our mission

Though this initiative, the Sino-German Energy Partnership aims to bring together interested stakeholders from government, academia, industry associations, the private sector and civil society to

  • Raise awareness on gender equality in the energy sector,
  • Enhance exchange and knowledge sharing by building the dialogue platforms for women within the energy sector,
  • Promote equality by creating a diverse, inclusive, and equal environment to increase women's participation in the energy transition,
  • Empower women through capacity building, leadership development,
  • Foster women’s potential and contribute to accelerate the energy transition and climate protection.

Our partners

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Global Women's Network for the Energy Transition

Women in Renewables Alliance

Women in Green Hydrogen

Innovative Green Development Program

Hydrogen Energy Industry Committee

Our Activities & Impressions

Share information and knowledge


Discuss and explore improvement appraches

Expert Workshop

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Join as a Partner and Collaborate with the Women in Green Energy Initiative

The Women in Green Energy Initiative offers an open and inclusive platform for connecting and fostering synergies, promoting knowledge exchange, and empowering women's contributions in the energy transition. If your organization operates within the energy and climate sector, shares the same vision on gender equality and women empowerment, and aims to build robust collaborative partnerships that amplify our impact, we warmly welcome you to become a valued partner of the initiative!

For more information, please contact Ms. LV Yanan (yanan.lv(at)giz.de)



Factsheet "Women in Green Energy" Initiative (Chinese)

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Factsheet "Women in Green Energy" Initiative (English)

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Women in Renewable Energy (Chinese)

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